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Kingdom of Drakkar is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It started in 1984 as a text-based MUD called Realm operated by Digital Information Systems of Kentucky. It was converted to be used with an 8-bit Frontend (FE) and was renamed Kingdom of Drakkar in 1989. It continues to be operated by Drakkarzone.


Character creation involves selecting a gender, race and class. Each race has its own hidden advantages. The player may choose for their character to be a Fighter, Barbarian, Martialartist, Mentalist, Healer or Thief. Fighters and Mentalists can later choose to become the hybrid class Fighter/Mentalist or the Fighter can instead decide to follow the path of good that is the Paladin.

Players battle through Nork , Aleria , Cobrahn and the Nameless Lands for fame and fortune!

Front End

Although the first FE was 8bit, a 24-bit FE was created to modernize the look of the game. An option was added to allow a player to toggle back to the 8-bit legacy graphics for a retrograde nostalgic feel.

The game is considered a top-down isometric 2D game and is tick-based. While this is a simple interface with simple graphics, the community cohesion is the largest draw to players both from the past and the present and is part of this game's charm.


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